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Blog Basics Mini Course

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Starting a brand new blog or online business can feel pretty intimidating.

Maybe you're struggling to know what to do in what order. Maybe you feel like you're too late to the party, or you're worried that all the opportunities are already gone. Maybe you're confused about how blogs actually make money, or how people will actually find your website, or how to create a blog that actually stands out. Maybe you're just trying to understand the tech. Or maybe your need for perfection actually has you feeling paralyzed and afraid to get started.

But what if there was a way to get all those questions answered before you dive all the way in?

The reality is that having a clear, proven path to follow in your business—along with an experienced guide to lead you—is a game-changer, one that will not only give you the clarity and confidence to know you're moving in the right direction but lead you to more profit and predictability in less time than you ever thought possible.
That's what our Blog Basics Mini Course is designed to do.


Over the course of five powerful lessons, you'll get all your biggest blogging questions answered, not with platitudes, but with real talk. By the end of the week, you'll not only understand exactly what steps you'll need to take to get started, you'll also know how to choose the right niche and how to create the kind of content that gets noticed and shared. Plus, we'll explain things like where traffic comes from and how blogs actually make money.
It's everything you never realized you need to know before you begin.
Not only that, at just $97, it's the smallest, most low-risk possible investment you can make in yourself and still have the expectation of results.



  • Quickly determine whether or not blogging is even right for you without first investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on expensive courses you may not even need.
  • Actually feel excited and happy (instead of overwhelmed) about the thought of finally starting your blog or online business because you now understand exactly how it all works and exactly where to go from here.
  • Have a concrete plan of action for what steps to take in what order, and for taking total control of your limited time.
  • Feel completely confident about your new business idea and your chosen niche and know what steps you need to take to get there.
  • Get clear direction for the most common new blogger issues, including writing great content, generating traffic, and what to focus on.
  • Start generating an income from your online business faster because you've started taking the right steps in the right order.