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Super Sales Page Starter Kit

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Your step-by-step guide for building a kick-ass sales page in less than a day.

Our Super Sales Page Starter Kit is designed to help you design, build, and write the copy for a high-converting sales page in less than a day.  

If you’ve ever struggled to get your sales page to convert or felt like your copy wasn’t quite landing, this done-for-you template + copy guide will allow you to immediately start improving your sales conversions so you can start making more money right away.

The Super Sales Page Starter Kit includes:

  • Our Step-by-Step Guide, which will show you exactly what elements you need to include in your high-converting sales page (as well as why they're so important.)
  • Our Super Sales Copy Generator, a "Mad Lib" style fill-in-the blank form that will help you quickly and easily nail down the right messaging for your product.
  • Our done-for-you plug-and-play Sales Page Copy Starter Templates. We promise that sales copy has never been this easy or effective!
  • Our Super Sales Page LeadPages Template, a pre-built, done-for-you sales page template that will literally save you hours and hours of time in building your sale page—simply customize with your own colors & images!


Do you have any questions about the Super Sales Page Starter Kit and how it can help you in your business? Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com!