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Instant Brand Kit

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The done-for-you branding kit that will make choosing your brand standards So. Much. Simpler.

12 incredible color palettes. 12 beautiful styles. Endless possibilities.


Is the Instant Brand Kit right for you?

You probably need our Instant Brand Kit if you....
  • Don't have access to (or can't afford) a PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER to create beautiful graphics and a logo for your business. 
  • Are BRAND NEW to setting up a blog or online business and want a way to implement much, much faster. 
  • Don't yet understand, with crystal clarity, the KEY ELEMENTS of putting together a beautifully designed, highly effective brand kit.
  • Don't yet have strong BRANDING established for your business...and need help making things look good. 
  • Want to take all the MYSTERY out of putting together a cohesive, attractive look & feel for your blog so that you can focus on serving your audience.
  • Hate the thought of spending TONS OF TIME trying to make your website look good, only to have it look like you didn't.

The EBA® Instant Brand Kit is the done-for-you branding kit that will help you put together your brand logo, colors, fonts, imagery, and graphics in record time. More importantly, it is the quick-start kit that will help you implement what you're learning in EBA® Foundation faster and easier.
We've often noticed that the biggest stumbling block for our students when it comes to setting up their new blog or online business is getting the branding right. Because, like it or not, most of us just don't have that intuitive eye for design that allows us to create something that looks really, really good, right out the gate.
And that means that when it comes to choosing your logo, brand colors, fonts, imagery style, and other essential graphics, you're left with two choices: either a.) design it yourself and have it come across as amateurish, (which will undoubtedly lead to mediocre results), or b.) hire a graphic designer, (which can be prohibitively expensive, especially with so many different assets required!)
But with the Instant Brand Kit, you now have a third option—use our custom-designed templates to quickly and easily create all the different elements of your brand guide for a fraction of what you would pay a designer.
  • 12 different beautiful, unique color palettes
  • 12 different easily customizable logo designs
  • 12 different recommended font combinations
  • 12 different imagery styles
  • 12 different favicon designs
  • 12 different social media templates 


Have any questions about the Instant Brank Kit or how it will be useful for your business? Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com