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What the Tech?!™

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Your step-by-step guide for solving technical challenges in a breeze.

From setting up your website and email to building campaigns, installing plugins, navigating analytics and so much more, you’ll never again have to feel like you’re struggling to figure it all out on your own.

Our What the Tech?! Digital Tutorial Library will walk you through, step-by-step, nearly every technical set-up or application you might encounter in your online business.

Just a FEW of the more than 50 tutorials in the What the Tech?! Library include: 

  • How to install a pre-built theme or a plugin in WordPress
  • How to design a basic sales page in Lead Pages
  • How to set up Gmail for business
  • How to set up Asana for your Editorial Calendar 
  • How to store your passwords safely in 1Password
  • How to organize your files in Google Drive
  • How to set up a basic Facebook Ad Campaign
  • How to set up a Shopify store
  • And many, many more!



Have any questions about What the Tech?! or how it will be useful for your business? Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com