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6 Figure Blog Challenge

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Ready to start your online business right? Join our 6-Figure Blog Challenge!

Get access to 5 days of powerful in-depth training designed to help you plan and launch the predictable and profitable online business you've been dreaming of for just $47. (a $497 value!)

Starting a brand new blog or online business can be pretty intimidating. 

Maybe you're struggling to know what to do in what order. Maybe you feel like you're too late to the party, or you're worried that all the opportunities are already gone. Maybe you're just trying to understand the tech. Or maybe your need for perfection actually has you feeling paralyzed and afraid to get started.

But what if there was a way to make sure you were starting out right?

The reality is that having a clear, proven path to follow in your business—along with an experienced guide to lead you—is a game changer, one that will not only give you the clarity and confidence to know you're moving in the right direction, but lead you to more profit and predictability in less time than you ever thought possible.

That's what the 6-Figure Blog Challenge is designed to do.

In just one week, you'll lay the foundation for your profitable and predictable online business. You'll not only understand the exact path you’ll need to take, we'll also help you clearly identify your target market, and take the essential first steps to finally start building the online business you’ve been dreaming about.

Your All-Access pass will give you instant access to 5 days of exclusive in-depth training sessions, as well as inspiring interviews with real-life examples of successful 6 and 7-figure bloggers and online business owners in a variety of industries who will not just tell you but show you how it’s done.


Don't miss this opportunity to finally start your blog or online business right. For just $47 you'll get:
  • 5 Days of Training designed to help you build a strong foundation for your online business and walk away with a working business plan.
  • Daily Assignments to help you apply what you are learning and get the most possible benefit from the material.
  • Build Your Blog Bootcamp bonus to help walk you through the process of choosing your name and setting up your website.
  • 6-Figure Challenge Workbook to help you complete your assignments and more easily apply what you are learning to your own business.
  • Lifetime Access to all five days of training recordings so that you can go back and watch at any time. 


Have more questions, or wonder if this is a good fit for you? Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com!