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FB ADvantage

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Get the step-by-step guide you need to quickly grow your list and sell your products with Facebook ads that actually convert

FB ADvantage is a simple but powerful quick-start program, designed to help walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up your Facebook ads, so that you can quickly and easily see the results from your high-converting ads.

FB ADvantage was originally created to help EBA students who were confused and overwhelmed by complicated tutorials and methodology get started with ads in a way that they could actually understand, and has so far helped hundreds of students grow their list and sell their products like never before.

FB ADvantage is designed as a quick-start program, one that will make an immediate impact on your business. You'll be able to complete and implement all six lessons in less than one day.

The lesson plan is as follows:

  • LESSON 1: Essential Prep
  • LESSON 2: Set Up Tracking
  • LESSON 3: Set Up Audiences
  • LESSON 4: Plan Your Creative
  • LESSON 5: Set Up Your Ads
  • LESSON 6: Track & Optimize

Each lesson is short but powerful, with step-by-step instructions for how to apply what you are learning to your own business, and each lesson includes a printable execution checklist to ensure that no step is forgotten!

If you are a blogger or online business owner, or if you have ever felt confused and overwhelmed by Facebook ads, this is a program you will not want to miss.

Have questions about FB ADvantage? Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com!