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Funnel-In-A-Box {Preppy}

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Creating beautiful products, sales pages, & webinar slides is easier than you think.

We've often noticed that the biggest stumbling block for our students when it comes to creating effective sales funnels is getting the graphics right. Because, like it or not, most of us just don't have that intuitive eye for design that allows us to create something that looks really, really good, right out the gate.

And that means that when it comes to creating your lead magnets, products, sales pages, webinar slides, and other essential graphics, you're left with two choices: either a.) design it yourself and have it come across as amateurish, (which will undoubtedly lead to lower conversions), or b.) hire a graphic designer, (which can be prohibitively expensive, especially with so many different assets required!).

But with the EBA® Funnel in a Box, you now have a third option—use our custom-designed templates to quickly and easily create all the different elements of your funnel for a fraction of what you would pay a designer. Your Funnel in a Box will include 8 templates in a classic Preppy design.


  • Lead Magnet Booklet Canva Template
  • Opt In Page LeadPages Template
  • Entry Point Offer Workbook Canva Template
  • Entry Point Offer Sales Page LeadPages Template
  • Kick-Ass Webinar Master Slide Deck
  • Signature Product Sales Page LeadPages Template
  • Facebook Ad Canva Templates
  • Pinterest Ad Canva Templates