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Irresistible Email

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Designed to show you how to attract, captivate, and nurture your tribe of raving fans. Irresistible Email is made to be digested in small bites, with practical takeaways that you can apply right away to start making an impact on your business.


If you are wondering how to build a bigger list—or you don’t know how to fully connect with the email list you have—Irresistible Email can show you how to engage an audience of true fans! 


  • Doing things in the wrong order
  • Always selling, never connecting
  • Trying to be everything to everyone
  • Growing a list without a purpose

Through the 8 video lessons, you’ll learn what it takes to attract and nurture your tribe of fans, including:

  • How to determine who you should be speaking to
  • How to develop your own distinct voice and tone
  • How to convert traffic into fans
  • The keys to writing email copy that resonates
  • What makes an effective lead magnet
  • When and how to invest in the growth of your list

This is the course that every business owner needs to set themselves and their customers up for success. Misdirected efforts will only cost you precious time and energy… why not channel your passion where it will be most appreciated? With this course, you can continue building a loyal fan base that will love to hear from you!

Got questions about Irresistible Email or how it can help you level up your business? Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com!