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Quarterly Execution Playbook

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Building a successful online business isn't about having the best ideas, it's about having the ability to actually EXECUTE YOUR PLAN.

The Quarterly Execution Playbook™ (the QEP for short) is designed to get you and keep you on track all quarter long, first by helping you get clear about what you most need to focus on in the coming quarter, then by helping you create a solid plan of attack each week, then by taking the time to conduct an end-of-quarter review to allow you to keep leveling up.

At Elite Blog Academy®, we recommend working in 13-week quarterly “sprints,” as we’ve found that this is the ideal length of time to set clear and achievable goals for your business that are substantial enough to make a big impact, but not so big or far away that they feel unattainable.

Our quarterly planning tools are designed to help you take a step back and assess where you’re at in your business right now in order to determine where you next need to go.

What is included within the Quarterly Execution Playbook?



The 90 Day Review is meant to help you reflect on the past quarter in your business in order to take a look at what went right and what went wrong, as well as to take an honest look at how you’re feeling in the moment, and how you feel about the future. This is a valuable exercise because often in our business we get so busy doing all the things that we don’t always take a moment to pause and reflect.

But if you want to make the right moves in your business, you’ve got to make sure you are practicing honesty with yourself about what’s working and what’s not. After taking the time to self-reflect, this worksheet also asks you to identify the five things that would need to happen over the NEXT 90 days to create massive momentum in your business. 


Next, the One Page Biz Plan is designed to help you take those five actions you just identified and turn them into clear, measurable goals, first by ranking them in order of importance from your “wildly important” goal—the one that trumps all others— down to your last.

For each goal, you should select the key metrics you’ll want to track, as well as set a due date for accomplishing each one. FInally, it also includes space to set both a revenue and profit goal for the quarter.


Of course goals without clear direction are basically meaningless, which is where our Goal Crushing® worksheets come in. These are designed to help you break down each of your five goals for the quarter into a solid plan of action using our Goal Crushing® formula.


Goals are only as good as your ability to follow through and actually make them happen, which is why our system for Weekly Execution is so important. It’s designed to not only keep you on track all quarter long, but to actually keep you motivated and energized at the same time.

For each goal, you should select the key metrics you’ll want to track, as well as set a due date for accomplishing each one. Finally, it also includes space to set both a revenue and profit goal for the quarter.


First, your quarterly tracker is where you make sure you’re making progress on each of your goals on a weekly basis. Use this simple tracking sheet as a way of holding yourself accountable, as you ask the question “am I on track to achieve this goal by the end of the quarter?”


The Weekly Wizard is where you create your action plan for the week ahead, first by identifying your big focus for the week, then by determining your “must-do” items (those tasks that will get you closer to your big goals for the week) as well as your “should do items” (the things that feel urgent, but are not necessarily going to move the needle for your big goals), and your “would like to do” items (those optional items you should only do if you have extra time!).

Your weekly wizard also includes space for making micro-goals each week in four different areas of your life—personal growth, fun & recreation, health & fitness, and personal connections.

Finally, it gives you a place to track key metrics for your business, as well as to track one new habit and your daily gratitude practice (essential for staying motivated!).


The Weekly Brain Dump is the companion sheet to the Weekly Wizard, and provides the space for unloading your brain and releasing yourself from all those “tornados” that tend to spin around in your head and take up space.

It’s also a place to record any small wins or big breakthroughs that happen throughout the week so that you don’t forget them, as well as a place to record the things you feel most grateful for each day.

Finally, it provides space for your Mini Motivation—either a way of rewarding yourself or an inspirational quote or phrase to keep you going.


Your Quarterly Execution Playbook also includes a tab for holding any notes and worksheets from coaching or trainings you participate in during the quarter so you can have everything available in one place.


Finally, your Quarterly Execution Playbook includes a tab for notes & insights, including a short self-reflection worksheet designed to help you record your lessons, “aha” moments, and growth each quarter. 


Want to know more about the Quarterly Execution Playbook and how you can use it to rock your quarter?! Reach out to us at support@ruthsoukup.com.